Infinite worth

At the end of completing my masters degree in 2008, I could sum up my six years of learning with three words, “meet the need”. The process of expansion during academic study and then being able to compress all of your learning into three words is profound. It sticks.

In the following talk by Dr Kent Hoffman, he talks about a similar experience. The topic of the talk is ‘infinite worth’.

Dr Hoffman is one of the creators of the Circle of Security parenting programme. I had the good fortune to be trained in that programme by Dr Hoffman in 2011. What he doesn’t mention in the talk is that the work he has done for the past 20 years with ‘street dependent teens’ has all been voluntary.



Narelle Smith


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Child & Family Worker

2 Responses to “Infinite worth”

  1. Thanks, Narelle! I will keep this to watch!

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