About Narelle


I work part-time as a Family Worker for a community development organisation.

Initially this role was located in a primary school which operated as a community hub, and included facilitating:

  • a supported playgroup (http://oranaplaygroup.wordpress.com);
  • the DrumBeat programme;
  • an expressive arts group;
  • parent creative workshops;
  • a school-wide social and emotional learning programme called Second Step;
  • playtime in the park;
  • parenting groups and workshops; and
  • various family events.

Over the past seven years my role has slowly changed to focusing solely on providing parenting skills workshops, as the demand increases from parents who are dissatisfied with their parenting. I am an accredited facilitator of  Triple P (Seminar, Group, Primary Care, Indigenous, Enhanced, Pathways, Family Transitions, Teen, Stepping Stones), Circle of Security, Keeping Children Safe, Eat It To Beat It, and Resilience Doughnut. I have also developed a workshop teaching parents how to do Special Playtime, and seminars on ADHD and child anxiety.

Late in 2012, I started an additional part-time job as a student-wellbeing worker in a small public school (http://handsheartsminds.wordpress.com). In 2014, that role was changed to a chaplain’s position.

I have 20+ years experience working in the Nepean area with children and families – 6 years in the disability field specialising in working with children with low-functioning autism, 8 years in foster care casework specialising in working with Indigenous families and working abuse in care cases, and 9 years in community development. Prior to this I did volunteer work with Cambodian refugees (8 years) and speech tutoring for Community Health (2 years).

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Education (Macquarie University) and a Masters degree in Child and Adolescent Mental Health (New South Wales Institute of Psychiatry). I have done additional training in Art Therapy, Child Centered Play Therapy, and Parent-Child Interaction Therapy. In 2015, I completed a Certificate IV in Pastoral Care. In 2016, I started a postgraduate course in counselling and integrated psychotherapy.

I have Indigenous heritage – Cadigal on my mother’s side and Gamillaroi on my father’s side. My family has for four generations lived in the dominant white culture.

Narelle Smith


3 Responses to “About Narelle”

  1. Christine Jeyachandran Reply September 1, 2016 at 11:03 am

    You sound like an amazing person. I cannot wait to meet you soon at an upcoming workshop.

  2. Recommend Narrelle to any and everybody. In fact I’ve found this website solely in trying to locate Narelle, who worked/played/crafted beside us at Kingswood Park Public with the Orana Playgroup. My family opened an individual sachet of strawberry jam and the chorus rang out “BUNS ARE READY”. It is Monday after all. So many remember when moments- special memories. Thanks Narelle!

  3. An excellent article on defining art therapy! Thank you!

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